Insight Card Four Corners Charter Private Planes Jet

The insight card™

Select from a variety of options from Four Corners, vetted vendors, and fractional options optimized on a trip-by-trip basis.

Two Cards, Infinite Options

Jet Cards by Four Corners offer industry-leading flexibility, savings, 24/7 support on booked travel, and built-in data-driven consulting into every flight.

Insight Card Four Corners Charter Private Planes Jet

The Charter Card™

Deposit funds into your Four Corners Charter card to access a 24/7 account manger, personal flying profile built around your preferences, and 5% flight cost credit returned for future travel.

The Charter Card

  • 100k Initial Deposit
  • 36-Month Term – Simplifying invoicing
  • Access to Managed Fleet & Partnering Providers Proffered rates
  • Dedicated account manager 24/7/365
  • 3 Guarenteed ‘live’ options per qualified trip with aircraft apecific detail
  • Build passeger profile with preferences and method of communication
  • Fully refundable after 180 days

The insight Card

  • Oversight fee based upon hours
  • initial deposit based upon hours
  • 36 month term
  • Recommendation and oversight on private aviation assets and options
  • trip-by-trip selection and optimization
  • metric, reporting, & analysis for saving and flight information

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