Freedom by Four Corners – Corporate Jet as a Service

A streamlined, hassle-free way for customers to enjoy the singular benefits of private jet travel.

Four Corners has created an unprecedented suite of services, allowing business jet users to experience all the freedom, flexibility, and convenience of whole ownership, without all the headaches, responsibilities, and expense.

Making use of Freedom™ by Four Corners – Corporate Jet as a Service (CJaaS)™ allows companies and executives to experience all the things they love about private air travel without having to own their own aircraft.

The cost savings of Freedom™ by Four Corners

The upfront cost of buying a private jet is significant, even for pre-owned models that are several years old. These prices of private jets vary depending on their size, age, amenities, and fuel capacity and can cost anywhere from $2 million on the low end to hundreds of millions on the high end. In addition to the initial investment, there are a variety of ongoing costs associated with owning a private jet that often totals upwards of half a million dollars a year. To maintain a private jet, you will also need to pay for:

• Insurance
• Fuel
• Pilots and crew
• General maintenance and repairs
• Storage/hangar space
• Inspections

When you use Corporate jet as a Service, these are all things that you don’t have to pay for – or worry about.

Nobody goes on a private jet simply to go on a private jet. They go to be there… the meeting, the vacation, the home, the people, the family, whatever and wherever there is. Through our private jet program, customers have access to luxurious private jet flights that provide unparalleled comfort and convenience. Four Corners offers the most comprehensive suite of solutions in business aviation today. With our corporate aircraft charters, we guarantee that our customers get the convenience and comfort they need – every mile of their journey.

How our business aviation company eliminates the hassle of private air travel

In addition to greatly reducing the expense of private travel, Four Corners can also eliminate all the hassle and headaches that come with owning a private jet. In many cases, keeping a corporate jet operational and ready to fly takes 50+ different contracts. The complexity of successfully executing private aviation can cause a lot of headaches and confusion and eat up a lot of time. Rather than dealing with all these different contracts, Four Corners simplifies private air travel down to just one contract.


  • Same Aircraft, Same Crew, Same Facilities
  • When and where you want it
  • Without Ownership


  • Administration via a single services contract
  • Accounting with fixed pricing
  • Reporting

Not a lease, not on the corporate balance sheet
Simplified IRS and SEC reporting


  • Access
  • Personalization and customization
  • Service Levels

Membership Agreement

  • 5-year term
  • Monthly Access Fee
  • Hourly Fee + Fuel Adjustment + Incidentals

Learn more about how you can benefit from Freedom™ by Four Corners

If you can recognize the value of private aviation but don’t want to deal with the expenses and hassle of owning your own private jet, then our Corporate jet as a Service offering is the solution you have been looking for. As a leading aviation services provider, Four Corners is at the forefront of revolutionizing corporate air travel and can offer you unparalleled service, convenience, and flexibility. Contact us today to start the streamlined way to enjoy the freedom of private travel!