A Culture of Safety


Safety is inherent in every value at Four Corners

  • Four Corners Services is ARGUS Platinum rated. the highest level of the ARGUS audit standard.  This is awarded only to those operators who have demonstrated successful implementation of industry best safety practices relative to their operations and maintenance.
  • Four Corners is a Wyvern Registered operator, ensuring our crews meet the Wyvern standards.
  • With an emphasis on aviation maintenance safety, we operate in accordance with the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO), a global standard built on industry best practices.
  • Our safety management system is part of our generative safety culture where every member of our organization is empowered to continually improve our operation and push us to the highest level of safety. By embracing these principles, our commitment to aviation maintenance safety reinforces our position as a pioneer within the realm of flight safety and accident prevention. 


External Audit + Rating


  • Charter Operators only
  • 3 levels
    • Gold, Gold+, Platinum
  • Silver and gold are paperwork only
  • Platinum requires onsite audits annually
  • Requires
    • Emergency Response Plan
    • AirplaneSafety Management System
  • Approximately 130 Platinum rated operators in USA

Wyvern Wingman

  • Charter Operators only
  • Separate MRO and flight department audits
  • Approved ‘Wingman’ operators
    • SMS Compliance
    • Training records


Operational Excellence


Level of compliance with internationally accepted best practices in aviation maintenance safety

Annual audits


Stage 1 – SMS infrastructure established

Stage 2 – ensures that safety risks are being effectively managed

Stage 3 – verifies that airplane safety management activities are fully integrated into the operator’s business and that a positive safety culture is being sustained