For the longest time, the only way to fly private was to have your own aircraft. But today, businesses and high-ranking corporate executives that are wondering how to fly private have a few different options. With jet charters, jet cards, and corporate jet services, the days of needing to own a private jet to fly private are behind us. Here, we’ll be going over how to character a jet, how jet cards work, and how to use corporate jet as a service. Consider this your guide on how to choose the right private flight option for your business.

Jet Charters

If you have ever rented a boat or a car before, then you should already have a good idea of how to charter a jet. To do so, you contact a charter company and give them the details of your trip, and they’ll quote a price. Prices for different jets will vary, and these price points will differ significantly from trip to trip due to market demands, supply, crew, and logistics. Jet charters are typically used by companies and executives that don’t travel very often.

Jet Cards

Jet cards are a popular option for businesses and executives that only fly periodically. Many charter companies will offer jet cards that allow for more consistency and control over your flying experience. Jet cards also offer more flexibility, come with a variety of features that will improve your travel experience, like fractional ownership, and give you more options to access business aviation. They are also a great option for those that need assistance finding the most convenient solutions on a trip-by-trip basis but don’t want any specific contract duration commitment.

Corporate Jet as a Service

If you’re wondering how to fly private frequently without owning your own jet, using a corporate jet as a service (CJaaS) is the perfect option for you. This service gives companies and their top executives all the benefits of private jet travel with none of the costs or hassle of owning their own aircraft. It’s the streamlined way to fly privately and offers unmatched freedom, flexibility, and convenience.

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