Aircraft owners appreciate the convenience, efficiency, and personalized service levels of owning a business jet. But also are keenly aware of the complexity, the administration and accounting unknowns of operating an aircraft.   Four Corners has identified over 56 separate contracts required to operate an aircraft.  What would happen if you could accrue all the benefits of owning a jet, without the complications of actually owning one?   That’s why we now offer FREEDOM by Four Corners – Corporate Jet as a Service (CJaaS).  FREEDOM simplifies the corporate jet experience by replacing ownership with one Service Agreement.   FREEDOM also frees up capital, eliminates balance sheet risk, and the administrative and accounting burden while providing hassle free lift.

So how does it work?  To start Four Corners develops a fleet plan for ongoing operations including any supplemental lift options.   Upon execution of the simplified Services Agreement, Four Corners builds a transition plan for the aircraft and employees.  Four Corners will acquire and conform the aircraft with the assistance of our colleagues at Mente Group.  Then our team completes an onboarding and training process.  Once these steps are completed, flight operations will commence through Four Corners.

So why do this?  FREEDOM provides exactly that, “freedom” from the complexity of aircraft ownership.

  • Client experiences the Same Aircraft, Same Crew, Same Facility; without ownership
  • Allows corporations to redeploy capital
  • Fixed pricing: Monthly Access Fee and 5 year Services Agreement
  • No longer an identifiable asset on the balance sheet
  • Simplified SEC and IRS reporting
  • Sole source supplemental lift options
  • Customized transportation solutions for Key Executives
  • No Depreciation concerns
  • No Maintenance Expense exposure
  • Sustainable, carbon neutral operating platform

FREEDOM alleviates the optics of corporate jet ownership and provides a simplified corporate jet experience.  Contact us today to explore how FREEDOM can benefit your current aircraft or future aircraft operations.

Four Corners Aviation, be there…


Ray Bennett

EVP, Sales