Improving Private Jet Access Efficiency

Replacing Ownership with a Service

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, November 2, 2021 — Four Corners Aviation has launched an industry disruptive product, branded as Freedom by Four Corners Aviation. The concept enables customers to have all the benefits of their own scalable aviation department – with a customized and fully integrated lift solution, including aircraft, crew, operations, and supplemental lift, but without the hassles of ownership such as administration, accounting, and uncertainties.

Freedom by Four Corners Aviation is a modern way for clients to enjoy the multiple benefits of private jet travel, without worrying about ownership, financing, operations, insurance, crew management, maintenance, or any of the aggravations associated with private jet travel.

This radical and sweeping approach to business jet access protects and preserves shareholder and client capital.

Freedom by Four Corners Aviation ushers in an entirely new business segment to the business aviation community, called Corporate Jet as a Service (CJaaS). What Netjets is to fractional ownership, Freedom by Four Corners Aviation will be to CJaaS.

Well-Designed and Financially Strong

“Corporate Jet as a Service is an innovative arrangement that optimizes several advantages for our clients: fixed pricing, customized delivery, and no balance sheet treatment,” said Brian Proctor, CEO of the Aquila Aviation Ventures, which includes Four Corners Aviation and the Mente Group. “CJaaS is a well-designed and financially strong solution for both corporate and private flying, which allows customers to focus on their core competencies while we perform ours,” he added.

“Over decades as aviation asset advisors to top tier organizations, all of them love what the airplane can do for them – for their productivity, for their bottom line, and for their lives,” Proctor said. “None of them really want to own and operate an airplane, however, they were willing to put up with the uncertainties to get what they wanted. With Freedom by Four Corners Aviation, they get everything they want without the hassle.”

“The need for owning, maintaining, and operating your very own private aircraft is now gone. We do it all for you, simplifying the entire experience,” said Cameron Gowans, President and COO of Four Corners Aviation. “Four Corners Aviation offers an ultimate platinum level service tier tailored to senior individual level travel, an exclusive gold tier executive transportation program, a silver tier guaranteed aircraft supplemental solution, and bronze tier ad hoc flight answer.”

Clients can pick and choose their level of service as their flying needs dictate. And Four Corners Aviation also takes care of making sure customers fly in supreme safety by employing the most rigorous and stringent safety programs in the industry.

Through a revolutionary and flexible business model, Four Corners Aviation has modernized access to corporate air travel. CJaaS can manage all flight operations so clients can focus on delivering increased value for their investors.

Four Corners Aviation, a portfolio company of Aquila Aviation Ventures, applies the financial prowess of City+Ventures and Mente Group’s business jet expertise to offer the innovative CJaaS program. Through detailed client understanding, industry expertise, and the pursuit of simplification, Freedom by Four Corners Aviation delivers streamlined aviation experiences that are flexible, creative, responsive, and nimble.

The Next Major Development in Jet Travel

Freedom by Four Corners Aviation is the next breakthrough development in private aircraft transportation. It is the latest in a long string of historical advances in the business jet travel:

• Introduction of the Learjet, the first purpose-built business jet in 1960s,
• The first aircraft management company in the 1970s,
• The first fractional aircraft program in the 1980s,
• The first jet card in 2001,
• Now, there is Freedom by Four Corners Aviation.

Four Corners Aviation is a dynamic, multi-faceted company that thinks, sees, and moves beyond the ordinary to achieve extraordinary results. The Four Corners value proposition is straightforward yet powerful. Through client understanding, industry expertise, and the pursuit of simplification, CJaaS delivers streamlined aviation experiences that reduce risk while protecting capital.

About Four Corners Aviation

Four Corners Aviation offers the most comprehensive suite of solutions in business aviation today. Four Corners will offer fresh products and services to support business aviation users such as Corporate Jet as a Service, Aircraft Management, and Jet Card Solutions. Four Corners’ assets include an aircraft management and charter company headquartered at Stewart International Airport in New York, and a fleet of Cessna Citation, Embraer Phenom, Bombardier Challenger, and Gulfstream business jets. The business is an ARGUS Platinum Rated Charter Operator, which supports a diverse fleet based throughout the United States and operating around the world.

About Aquila Aviation Ventures LLC

Aquila Aviation Ventures is an investment company formed to serve unmet industry needs and leverage resources across entities to scale for future growth. The company identifies and invests in high-growth firms within the business aviation sector. The company holds Four Corners Aviation and Mente Group. Aquila recently invested in Mente Group, which has permitted it to recapitalize in order to expand its platform and fund high quality products.

About City+Ventures

City+Ventures is a premier development and investment company focused on building companies and communities. With Omaha roots, but regional and national assets, City+Ventures owns and operates a wide array of businesses, including automotive dealerships; carwashes; a private jet management and charter company; real estate management; and construction-related businesses, in addition to holding a real estate portfolio. In August 2020, City+Ventures’ proven track record of reinvention and financial success earned it the No. 71 spot on the Inc. 5000 Company list..

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