Corporate Jet as a Service (CJaaS)

Four Corners of Dallas, Texas, will market the extra-large cabin ACJ TwoTwenty as the first of an all-new business jet to its clientele for the ‘Freedom by Four Corners’ product entitled Corporate Jet as a Service (CJaaS).

‘Freedom by Four Corners as well as the ACJ TwoTwenty are both industry-disruptive products. The concept is creating a new value proposition to the business and private aviation market by providing all the benefits of their own scalable aviation department – with a customized and fully integrated ACJ TwoTwenty financed solution, with crew, operations and supplemental lift, but without the hassles of ownership, such as administration, accounting and cost variabilities. It opens up business aviation to a wider clientele by providing an innovative and packaged solution.

Four Corners, assisted by Mente Group, its sister company, along with ACJ, will market the extra-large cabin ACJ TwoTwenty to the clientele for the ‘Freedom by Four Corners’ product. The ACJ TwoTwenty is the first all new business jet dedicated to the ‘Freedom by Four Corners’ program entitled Corporate Jet as a Service (CJaaS).

Well Suited to North American Market

“The ACJ TwoTwenty’s superior cabin space and ability to connect London to Los Angeles directly all year long make it an excellent choice for the North American market,” said Brian Proctor, chief executive officer of Aquila Aviation Ventures, which holds Four Corners Aviation and Mente Group. “Furthermore, it’s a true North American aircraft assembled in Canada, engines in Connecticut and the cabin completion is performed in Indiana.”

ACJ President Benoit Defforge said, “The ACJ TwoTwenty is a game changer in the business jet market bringing a new value proposition to the market, as is Four Corners’ new offer. The ‘Freedom’ program simplifies the aviation travel experience for executives and high net worth individuals who care about getting to their destinations in comfort yet offering a pioneering solution to aircraft ownership to access the ACJ TwoTwenty,” Defforge added.

We are very pleased to be able to offer the ACJ TwoTwenty to our clientele,” said Cameron Gowans, president, and COO of Four Corners. The reliability of the Airbus platforms, excellent customer support, a third lower key operating cost drivers and twice better residual value vs. other large business jets, while delivering true intercontinental range, make the ACJ TwoTwenty very attractive to our ‘Freedom’ customers,” he added.

Four Corners Launched in November

Four Corners was launched in November. It is an industry disruptive product, branded as ‘Freedom by Four Corners.’ The concept enables customers to have all the benefits of their own scalable aviation department – with a customized and fully integrated financed lift solution, including aircraft, crew, operations, and supplemental lift, but without the hassles of ownership such as administration, accounting, and uncertainties.

Freedom by Four Corners is a revolutionary way for clients to enjoy the multiple benefits of private jet travel, without worrying about ownership, financing, operations, insurance, crew management, maintenance, or any of the additional aggravations associated with private jet travel. This radical and sweeping approach to business jet access protects and preserves shareholder and client capital.

About Four Corners

Four Corners has the most comprehensive suite of solutions in business aviation today. Four Corners offers fresh products and services to support business aviation users such as Corporate Jet as a Service, Aircraft Management and Jet Card Solutions.

Four Corners’ assets include an aircraft management and charter company and a fleet of Cessna Citation, Embraer Phenom, Bombardier Challenger, and Gulfstream business jets. The business is an ARGUS Platinum Rated Charter Operator, which supports a diverse fleet based throughout the United States and operating around the world.

About Aquila Aviation Ventures LLC

Aquila Aviation Ventures is an investment company formed to serve unmet industry needs and leverage resources across entities to scale for future growth. The company identifies and invests in high-growth firms within the business aviation sector. The company holds Four Corners and Mente Group. Aquila recently invested in Mente Group, which has permitted it to recapitalize in order to expand its platform and fund high quality products.

About City+Ventures

City+Ventures is a premier development and investment company focused on building companies and communities. With Omaha roots, but regional and national assets, City+Ventures owns and operates a wide array of businesses, including automotive dealerships; carwashes; a private jet management and charter company; real estate management; and construction-related businesses, in addition to holding a real estate portfolio.

In August 2020, City+Ventures’ proven track record of reinvention and financial success earned it the No. 71 spot on the Inc. 5000 Company list.

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