While private jets have been seen as one of the ultimate symbols of luxury and exclusivity for some time, many companies and business executives are opting to utilize corporate jet as a service. Why? Because corporate jet costs can be exorbitant. These jets require a substantial upfront investment of several million dollars, even for pre-owned models. Then, combining private jet maintenance cost, repairs, fuel, staffing, storage, fuel, and insurance, just maintaining a private aircraft can be upwards of $500,000 annually. In many cases, the cost doesn’t justify the convenience and speed of travel – especially when there are other options like CJaaS that are much more cost-effective.

Corporate jet as a service provides all the same freedom, flexibility, and comfort that executives like about traveling on a private jet when they need it, but at a much lower cost. It’s the streamlined, hassle-free way to enjoy all the benefits of private jet travel without having to budget for all the expensive corporate jet costs. With CJaaS, there is no private jet maintenance cost, no repair costs, no hangar rental fees, no insurance expenses, no staffing costs, and more. Using CJaaS can save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, which adds up to millions every year.

In addition to eliminating corporate jet costs, corporate jet as a service also eliminates the hassle and headaches of owning a private jet. Companies and executives will no longer have to worry about finding a place to store their jet or experiencing downtime when repairs are needed.

It’s clear that the need for companies and high-level executives to own and maintain their own aircraft is gone. Four Corners has revolutionized corporate air travel, and our corporate jet as a service solution provides businesses and their high-ranking executives with superior service, convenience, flexibility, and value. Contact us today to learn more about this new way to fly and how you can benefit!