Prior to the impact of the Covid pandemic, and leading up to January 2020, a jet card solution was primarily based on guaranteed fixed rates. With this solution it was 99% Cabin Category based, and not aircraft specific. It was also a ‘lock in’ commitment. A lock in with the access to your transferred funds once you committed to a program, and a time period lock in as to when you were allowed to fly your hours.

Rolling forward from Jan 2020 and since the pandemic; many well experienced jet card solution buyers, became accustomed to ‘dynamic pricing’. This allowed for a specific aircraft choice and was primarily driven on supply versus demand, i.e., there was such a significant boom in the industry, primarily circling around safety, that it spiked a whole new audience. So much so, that the industry could not handle the demand, with many previous providers shutting the doors on new business, and unfortunately in some cases, on all business.

70% of this new audience is still here and remains active, and according to many independent reports, they are here to stay.

Four Corners Aviation, with over 60+ years of shared industry knowledge, has introduced a solution, The CharterCard. We looked at the small print and removed the terms that were bothersome to clients in their previous programs. The CharterCard is completely transparent and leaves the owner in control, in control of their funds and in control of when they fly. It can be activated by an initial $100k fully refundable deposit. The owner is assigned an Account Manager, who gets to know the owner’s profile and works to this accordingly with 24/7 support. We quote available options on our own managed fleet, and via our preferred partner provider’s specific aircraft. The funds act like a Four Corners Aviation debit card, whereby we can draw upon these for all requests, specific catering, ground transportation, hotel bookings etc.

We are only ever as good as our last flight experience, and should a client ever choose to have the full balance of their funds transferred; they are in complete control to do so.

Vincent Kavanagh

Vice President, Charter Sales