In the realm of corporate travel, private jet ownership has long been a favored option among high-net-worth individuals and C-suite executives. Sought after for its unrivaled convenience, this alternative to commercial travel allows travelers to bypass the often-frustrating delays and complexities of large airports.

However, the allure of private jet ownership comes with a caveat, as increasing costs cast a shadow over this convenient mode of transportation. Elite Traveler reports that the expenses associated with owning a private plane have been on the rise, presenting potential challenges for owners.

Beyond the initial purchase price of the aircraft, owners must contend with a range of ongoing expenses that can quickly accumulate. Maintenance costs, hangar fees, crew expenditures, and fuel expenses all contribute to the financial burden.

But there’s a new option on the table that offers a compelling solution.

Four Corners Aviation’s Freedom Program allows aircraft owners to reduce the assets on their balance sheets while maintaining all the perks of ownership. In this Corporate Jet as a Service model, Four Corners Aviation owns the company’s private jet, and the individual pays one fee that covers ongoing maintenance, fuel, and crew costs. The executive experiences all the freedom, luxury, and privacy of private jet ownership without the expenses or liabilities.

Travelers will find that this program is different from charter services.

Four Corners Aviation’s Executive Vice President and Head of Sales, Vincent Kavanaugh, explains, “Comparing the two is an apples v pears comparison. With charter, even with a floating fleet provider, you are never guaranteed the EXACT same aircraft each time you fly, and you are certainly not guaranteed the same crew. With the ‘Freedom Program’ you are guaranteed exactly that. Same aircraft. Same crew. Every time you fly. You are also guaranteed cost transparency; this is always a variable with charter and with many surprises.”

By embracing the Corporate Jet as a Service approach, C-suite executives and high-net-worth individuals can optimize their financial resources, streamline operations, and focus on their core competencies.

“The Freedom Program releases the capital tied up in the aircraft or fleet purchase; allowing companies to re-invest their capital back into their business,” states Kavanaugh.

Aviation experts expect this type of ownership program has the potential to change the private aviation industry. This strategic shift empowers corporations and high-net worth individuals to seize the advantages of private aircraft travel while mitigating the potential drawbacks associated with ownership, ultimately enhancing their overall business performance and personal well-being.